TMEC was born with the mission to cooperate to make a big jump in the field of
adult Language learning . It is targeted to executives, businessmen, professionals
and/or university students who look for expanding their careers worldwide.
Excellence, teamwork, leadership, outstanding teaching, service to others and
academic achievement is what makes from TMEC a special group.

María José Lencina Artigas – Founder
She graduated from Josefina Contte, English Language Teaching Training Centre in Corrientes, Argentina. She learnt about pedagogy for the Teaching of English as a foreign language in Brighton, England. Meanwhile, she was responsible for the English Department as Head Teacher at Instituto Privado Kid’s School, she went into the studies of Educational Management at FLACSO (Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences) obtaining a Diploma and later on a Specialist Certificate at the headquarters of Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has more than 12 years of experience in teaching teenagers and adults as she has worked as a teacher in several state and private institutions. She holds an international certification granted by Bridge TEFL in teaching Business English and Custom Courses from Denver city (Colorado), USA. She founded TMEC (Your Tailor Made English Class) in 2015, an adult learning system for ESP – English for Specific Purposes with future inclusion of other languages.
From 2016 onwards, Prof. Federico Montiel and other colleagues joined the team to expand the brand’s image by adding other languages and services.

Federico Montiel Soto – Equity Partner
He graduated from the English Language Teaching Training Center “Dardo Rocha” in Chaco, Argentina. Language lover, he learnt for pleasure some others such as Portuguese, Hebrew and Japanese. He has a vast experience in the area of ​​teaching and learning English as a foreign language, has worked as a teacher in a private language school for a long period and different state schools teaching teenagers and adults for more than 15 years; he’s currently on duty. In 2016 he joined TMEC as Equity Partner. He is Head of Administration and works as teacher. He is a passionate professional, he is committed to his career being updated on everything related to teacher training in the fields of “Specialization in the teaching of youth and adults” as well as “Current requirements for the English teacher.”